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May 27, 2009 [comment on this write-up]

A couple of years ago, I featured this week's Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion, as part of an ensemble Boyfriend of the Week write-up that comprised the entire male cast of one of my favorite science-fiction movies, Serenity.

At the time, I considered featuring each one of the fellas separately -- they're all worthy of their own fawning essays, after all. But, ultimately, I ended up lumping all the Serenity chaps together because, well, I'm kinda lazy that way.

Plus, to be honest, I was worried that any attempt to write an entire feature just about Nathan Fillion would end in disaster. Because here's the thing: I have never been so madly attracted to a man's nose in my life. Often, when I think of Nate, all that actually comes into my brain is an image of his nose and an almost overwhelming desire to kiss it. The curve of it. The way it kind of flares out at the end. I think "Nathan Fillion" and my brain automatically translates that into "NOSE NOSE NOSE."

I figured I'd better give myself a few years to develop some restraint, in that case. I mean, really -- who wants to read three pages about me licking somebody's nose? Not even those of you who completely understand the urge would sign up for that one on purpose.

As the years since Firefly/Serenity have passed, though, Nathan has managed to become more than just a dashing set of perpetually-flared nostrils to me. Almost everything I've seen him in, I've loved: movies, TV shows, interviews, web-based Joss Whedon-developed silliness, everything. Everything Nathan Fillion does, I love. Even the bad stuff. Maybe even especially the bad stuff. And while there's a chance I'm still so distracted by the sheer deliciousness of his proboscis that I can't see the flaws that must surely be there, I would contend that you. . .

Are probably right about that.

But hey, there are only two noses in the entire world that make me all woozy. For that reason alone, I feel it's worth repeated (and repeated and repeated) mention.

Lickable. Nose. Deal with it.

Still, yummy as that beak might be, it wasn't until Nate's newest project came out, a TV mystery series called Castle, that I finally decided this write-up could wait no longer. Now was the time. The time, it was now.

I was a little worried about Castle after I saw the first two episodes, I'll confess. Nathan Fillion, one could argue, was being just a touch too Nathan Fillion-y in his role as a mystery novelist named Richard Castle who teams up with an overly-serious detective named Kate to help her solve homicides. While it sounds kind of like Murder: She Wrote starring Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle as Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher, it's actually got a much better conceit at play, in my opinion. Instead of just stumbling across murders all the time and getting roped into their solvings, like Mrs. Fletcher did (apparently, the murder rate in Cabot Cove is about 90 times higher than the rate in Baltimore, which is but one in a long list of reasons why I don't want to live in Maine), Richard Castle is so popular a cad in his town he's able to convince the mayor and chief of police to let him work with Kate as "research" for his next series of novels. Makes marginally more sense, as these things go, anyway.

The problems I had with the show early on are two (and also, too): 1) Nathan's character was a little too cavalier about death, and 2) he was also a little too charming. (And no, I can't believe I just accused Nathan Fillion of being "too charming" either, but there it is in print nonetheless.)

Sure, Castle is a mystery novelist who writes about stiffs all the time, and so comfort with the concept of rigor must kind of be de rigueur (ha!). Still, I'm willing to bet that even mystery novelists are slightly taken aback when they encounter a real corpse for the first time. I would assume they don't stand around cracking jokes and flashing crooked smiles (though: swoon!) as though the parrot is only sleeping, so to speak ("It is an EX PARROT!"). Only Gil Grissom can make witty jokes over corpses without looking like a total ass, and he quit, so there you have it.

After a few more episodes of the series, though, I felt like Nathan started to get his footing and Richard Castle became a much more complicated character. Less a caddish rogue, more an interesting and thoughtful, uh. . . caddish rogue.

Hey, baby steps.

Anyway, minutia aside, this show ended up being one of the highlights of my week this spring. Fillion is, as always, extremely funny and sharp, as well as outrageously good-looking. And the episodes themselves have been consistently entertaining, if a bit unpolished here and there. All in all, I definitely considered it a keeper, which is why it was a complete shock to my system when, a few weeks ago, it was announced that ABC had decided to renew it for a second season (!!). Not to jinx it or anything, but could this possibly mean the Meg Wood Curse of Primetime Cancellations has finally been nixed?

Don't answer that.

I know that several readers of this site are not big fans of Castle, which is totally cool, of course. Too cheesy, I gather. Aside from that, the other most-frequent thing I hear from people when I talk about my crush on Nathan Fillion is that they can't imagine having a crush on the guy who played Scary Priest Caleb on the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You know -- the dude who put Xander's eye out? With his THUMB?

Luckily, I don't have that problem. Why? Because my first experience with Nathan Fillion was in his role as Captain Reynolds on Firefly. And once you've met Captain Tightpants, resistance becomes futile. In my heart, I knew Scary Priest Caleb was just misunderstood. Deep down inside, all Nathan Fillion characters are Mal Reynolds, for better or for worse. One can but dream that they too will eventually become equally tight of pants as well.

If you want to read more about Firefly and the movie that was later based on the series (Serenity), I've already done my due diligence on that subject over at that Serenity Boyfriend write-up. If I start talking about why I loved Firefly/Serenity here again, I'll run out of space for anything else. Which would be a shame, because Nate has done many, many other interesting things.

Like, well hey -- here's a list (title links will take you to Netflix):

Slither (2006) -- If you're anything like me, all it will take to get you to check out this hilarious homage to cheesy monster flicks are these two words: killer slugs. If that's not enough to pique your interest, there's probably little point in my attempting to entice you further. You either just laughed with anticipatory glee, or you rolled your eyes. And I suspect that nothing I can say will move you from the latter category to the former. This flick is hilarious AND disgusting, a combination I embrace wholeheartedly, and Nathan is absolutely spot-on in his role as Sheriff Pardy, an amalgamation of every B-movie hero ever to grace dollar days at the local drive-in. Great one.

Drive (2007) -- Okay, yes, this show was kind of terrible. There's a reason it only lasted about six episodes, and it wasn't just because I happened to be tuning in every week (though I'd forgive you if that was your assumption, all things considered). Thing is, it was a Tim Minnear production, and I'll watch just about anything that man puts out (why do you think I watched K-Ville, after all?). The concept behind Drive had promise -- it was about an illegal road race fueled by blackmail, and it featured a huge ensemble cast chuck full of underrated people I adore, like Charles Martin Smith and Dylan Baker. But after a fairly solid start, it downshifted into sloppiness and became disorientingly unfocused. Too much Fast and Furious, not enough Amazing Race (of the Damned!), in my opinion.

That said, few things are sexier than Nathan Fillion in a 1972 Dodge Challenger. Except for, possibly, Jensen Ackles in a 1967 Chevy Impala.


Wait, wait, let's just call that one a tie, otherwise I'll be up all night trying to decide who's tops.

White Noise 2: The Light (2007) -- No, of course it's terrible. You had to ask? It's a horror movie with a NUMBER at the end of it; those are never good! But that's really beside the point. If you're a fan of this web site, White Noise 2 is required viewing not only because it features TWO Boyfriends of the Week making out with each other (Nate and Katee Sackhoff), but because it also features an inside joke about Firefly. Nerdorama!

For more on this one, you can read my review on the Boyfriend News & Reviews blog, where I actually had the audacity to write the phrase, "Lucifer and yadda yadda yadda."

Waitress (2007) -- Confession time: Saw this movie, remember liking it, couldn't tell you a thing about it other than the fact it made me really crave pie. I was STARVING when I saw this movie. Never ever watch a movie about PIE on an empty stomach!

I hear it's brilliant, though. And I'm sure Nate was an absolute revelation. But yeah, learn from me: eat first.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008) -- If I have to tell you what this one is, you're on the wrong web site. Joss Whedon! Captain Hammer! Wonderflonium! The Evil League of Evil! "The world is a mess, and I just . . . need to rule it!" Great Scott, it was a masterpiece in three short acts. If Joss really loves me, and I know deep down he does, there will be a sequel. And soon. Annnnd how.

By the way, did you know Nathan Fillion is Canadian? If he cooks too, I might literally turn into a puddle of goo. For all our sakes, let's hope the man can't boil a pot of water.

MacGyver Factor Score: 99.9386%. You know his nose? Right in the middle of his face? Just under his eyes?

It kind of makes my bosom heave.


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